Tips and Tricks For Reducing Waste in Your Kitchen

When you are preparing meals in your home, some food inevitably goes to waste. There might be food that doesn’t get eaten, but when it is just scraps, is there even point in saving it? There might be food in your fridge that has started to go out of date, and you don’t have time to prepare it, so it gets thrown away. As a nation (and world), we waste so much food, so it seems like now is the time to think about what we are throwing away. There are a few simple things that we can do that will reduce how much waste we have. So here are some tips.


Meal Plan

You may already do this; you might not. But meal planning is a surefire way to cut down on how much food you waste. When you know what you will be eating in a week, it means that you will only buy what you need for that week, especially when it comes to fresh food. It means that you are more likely to use up what you have in, and not buy anything just for the sake of it. It is a good idea to be flexible with your meal plan, though. Some foods might go off before others in that week, so some meals need to be prepared before others.

Use Your Chest Freezer

For any foodie, the chest freezer needs to become your best friend. Even more so when it comes to reducing waste. The reason being, you can simply freeze the foods or meals that you haven’t been able to eat in time. Then they can just be brought out, defrosted and used. You can freeze some foods in their raw form, like meat and some vegetables. But others will need to be cooked. So to save time later on, you could cook up a batch of something like lasagna and then freeze it. So if those veggies are getting past their expiration, quickly cook them up. You can use plastic tubs and wrap to freeze foods in, as well as something like vacuum sealer roll. Then you can freeze the foods without any air in, helping to keep them as fresh as possible.

Shop in Bulk

Shopping in bulk is a great way to avoid waste. Certain foods don’t work when they are being bought in bulk, such as fresh produce. But there are many canned, jarred or dried goods that can be bought in bulk. It helps you to meal plan in this way, and it also means that you just need to shop for the fresh foods to supplement your shop.

Use all Food

Think about when you roast a chicken. Once you have taken the meat that you want, there are lots of bones and scraps of meat left over. Same thing with all the Argan Oil uses.So for something like this, it is a good idea to use it all and make something like a soup or stock with the bones and scrap meat. Boil it up, season and drain and you’ll be good to go, with nothing wasted.

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