To Switch or Salvage - When Should I Consider Reupholstering Furniture?

To Switch or Salvage - When Should I Consider Reupholstering Furniture?

It can be an extremely sad day when your favorite chair no longer lives up to the levels of comfort it once provided. Years of sitting, curling, twisting and lounging have finally caught up. The decision then follows whether you desert your companion who has stood loyally by you, or invest in a new life by reupholstering. If you're not sure, try these tips for when you should consider reupholstering your furniture.

So it complements you home colors

Sometimes, that special chair or piece of furniture can be so unique it is just not an option to replace it. If your chair is the accent piece you’ve had for many years then perhaps salvaging is the best option.

When it comes to upholstery fabric, you can choose from such a wide array that your accent piece can be restored to its former glory. Do your research and you’ll find options that can really add a new element to any room in the house. Think about the overall color scheme of your home and consider the opportunity to reupholster a chance to add even more to your existing style.

Consider the bottom line

Let’s be honest, new furniture isn’t cheap. With more and more designers moving into this space and the ever returning fad of art deco, a new item could cost thousands. Reupholstering an old item can be a cost effective way to give a space a new lease without hurting the back pocket too much.

New pieces can run easily into the thousands, whereas finding the right fabric and putting a bit of TLC into an existing piece might cost half of what you would pay at a store. If you aren’t sold on spending all your hard earned cash, then perhaps a reupholstery project is for you.

Trust and quality

The old saying rings true with furniture, that they don’t make them like they used to. Some new furniture manufacturers now use materials which were previously not suitable for furniture.

Older pieces generally have a sturdier frame and solid base which can last a lot longer. This means that not only can you save money by not purchasing that new couch, but it could even last longer if you reupholster it instead of buying new. The reason we fall in love with our old furniture and it turns out it could have been because it was built to last.

When you are looking for a sustainable touch

We all like to think of ourselves as green, but when all is said and done you are probably hard pressed to point out a single thing in your home that is recycled, upcycled and sustainable. Choosing to reupholster a chair or piece of furniture is a great way to avoid contributing to already overflowing landfills.

Head to your local dump on a weekend if you need more inspiration. Not only will a reupholstery project save the environment, it will also give you a sense of pride for having contributed positively to your home.

It can be a hard choice to invest time or money into your furniture. It involves making a decision as to whether you have the time or effort for that matter to reupholster your furniture, when you could just buy new. If you are considering your options, then use these tips to help you decide if that couch gets a second chance or not.

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