Top Daytrip Destinations Around Mumbai For Solo Travelers

Mumbai, the city that has given birth to the Bollywood culture and spread the same far and wide all over the world, has a creative culture. However, it is behind the doors of this ecstatic work life in Mumbai that the frustrations arising from the hectic schedule of the day to day work hide. Thus, to escape this boredom, it becomes essential for the Mumbaikars to travel frequently so that a refreshing change can be experienced. 

Now, if you are a Mumbaikar and you want to go for a trip this weekend, you would call up your friends and colleagues or the other people in your circle to find out if are free to accompany you on a day trip. However, suppose, none of them are free; would you sulk around the whole weekend? Absolutely not! You have to make sure that your trip if not canceled even if nobody accompanies you. After all, if you can go to your office and the other places around Mumbai by yourself, won’t you want to experience the thrill of solo traveling? So, head to places like Pune and the others and do remember to book a room at the hotels in Viman Nagar, Pune, or any other place of your choice from the travel giants like Yatra to enjoy freebies. 

Mumbai is situated in a prime location from where you can easily set out to these places and enjoy the thrill of solo traveling.

• The Perfect Pune: If you want to show off the fact that you are a Mumbaikar and claim to be highly fashionable, you will have to do so in a city and not a rural area. So, in spite of solo traveling, if you still want to flaunt your fashionista, Pune is the right place for you to visit. As you tread along the familiar streets and visit the age-old architectural and cultural evidence, you will discover the untold history of Maharashtra. This trip can be the best choice especially if you are traveling alone for the first time as you won’t find Pune to be very different from Mumbai. Moreover, the hospitality of the hotels in Viman Nagar, Pune, and the other areas are an immense help. 

• The Enchanting Elephanta Caves: Is there a person who would say that what happened in the past does not make him or her curious? Only a few people would say “Yes” to this question; however, their mindset would change completely as they visit the Elephanta Caves. As you travel down the Arabian Sea and look ahead to see the outline of an island, the unique rock-cut cave structures gradually come into view. As you step on the island and stride along the trail left behind by the ancient people who had built this majestic structure from 5th to 8th Century A.D., your head will automatically bow down in reverence when the rock-cut idol of the invincible Mehsamurthi, the incarnation of Lord Shiva, and be awed while not being able to take your eyes off the intricate architecture of the past. 

• The Nostalgic Naneghat Pass: The Naneghat Pass was the most used gateway in Maharashtra once upon a time. This pathway was the prime trading route in the past but, unfortunately, it lies in ruins today. This place has become a popular trekking destination as many tourists visit this place to listen to the horses’ hooves that can be heard at night even today. Though no signs of the paranormal activities were spotted ever, yet roaming around this place at night sends a chill down the spine and, if you have got a brave heart, you should definitely try this out all by yourself. 

Now that you do know which are the top 3 places to visit especially while traveling solo, why don’t you embark on your journey and capture your experience? You never know, your solo traveling experiences might become the new hit show in the future! 

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