Top Things To Do in London

London, the capital of the United Kingdom, is one of the country’s biggest cities. It comes with a lot of popular spots, especially in terms of politics and cultural sites. This makes it an equally famous place not just for a lot of tourists but for those who are migrating in London as well.

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Now, let’s get to the top things to do when you visit London.


#1: Visit free museums and galleries.

London is rich when it comes to free establishments dedicated to museums and galleries. Many people, especially the artsy ones, will find a paradise in the city.

Some of the most popular spots you should consider visiting are the British Museum, National Gallery, and Museum of London. These are the top three free galleries, according to other tourists.

Since there are probably hundreds of free museums, you can make your trip a full museum tour.


#2: Participate in walking and biking tours.

If you’re not a big fan of bus tours, either you find it too expensive, or you don’t like the feeling; two of the best alternatives are walking and biking tours. These require more physical effort, yes, but these also assure smaller fees and better experiences. This is most especially true for those who came to London to sightsee a lot.

Walking tours can either be planned or self-guided. One of the best recommendations for a planned walking tour is the Jack the Ripper Walking Tour, wherein you visit places relevant to the notorious killer back in the early years. Self-guided walking tours allow a more accessible environment. You should look into Hampstead Discovery Game.


#3: Visit Hyde Park

If you want to see how famous London can get, visit Hyde Park. It’s one of the city’s top spots, and it’s usually packed with both locals and tourists. This is not only known for its aesthetics but also its historical background.

Because the park was the main venue for protests in the past, it’s usually used as a recreational venue for public debates and performances. The nightlife that Hyde Park can offer is also worth witnessing.


#4: Witness Camden’s alternative culture.

For those who are culturally inclined with both London and the entirety of the UK, visiting Camden should be on your to-do list. This lively and fun city has everything you may ask for. There are tattoo shops, international restaurants, bakeries, thrift shops, all hosted by London’s locals.

The said city is most popular among Goths and punks, which assure a diverse and unique environment. You can end the trip by visiting the King’s cross or eating vegan cookies offered by a lot of Camden’s bakeries.


#5: Ride the London Eye.

You’re not really visiting London if you don’t ride, or even see, its entirety through the London Eye.

This gigantic Ferris wheel will give you a wide bird’s view of how beautiful and big the city is. You can ride this with other tourists and locals, or you can make this a bonding activity with whoever you’re travelling with.

Nevertheless, this assures a fun and unique experience. This can even be your trip’s highlight.


#6: Experience the nightlife in Soho.

Soho is one of the wildest cities in London. With its countless bar line-ups, you won’t have a single peaceful moment even when you’re just walking through the streets. Of course, we mean this in a good way.

If you don’t like the idea of chaotic bars, then you can visit theatres and jazz clubs instead. The restaurants’ theme in the said place also adds to its artistic touch.


#7: See a movie or two in the British Film Institute.

The British Film Institute is a must-go for artisans, filmmakers, and basically movie lovers. This is more commonly known as the BFI and offers a relaxing environment for tourists.

The BFI is open every day and doesn’t fail to play films one after the other. The best thing about it is it doesn’t stick to whatever movie is popular. It also supports indie movies and classics. This is placed near a library, which is a good place to rest after watching.


#8 Try the Emirates Air Line Cable Car

Do you want to get a view of the entire city? Are you looking to view London aboveground? If the answer is yes, then the Emirates Air Line is the perfect attraction for you. Emirates Air line is a cable car that gives you a tour overlooking the beautiful city of London.

With its wide range of offers and packages, you would never want to leave. A complete steal that takes you around the area and gives you a fantastic view. You don't even have to worry about the weather conditions because this airline's prepared for anything. With a journey of around 5 to 13 minutes, Emirates Air Line is a sure attraction you will never forget.


#9 London's Electric Avenue

If you want to take a trip around the town, focus more on its people and environment, you should try checking out London's Electric Avenue. A market that's sure to cater to your every need, Electric Avenue is a food market located on a street in Brixton, South London.

With Electric Avenue, you will be sure never to leave the area hungry. You might even end up buying more than enough for your next meal. And who could forget those fabulous electric lights? Topped with all that, Electric Avenue makes you feel as if there's nothing else more perfect in the world.



Overall, it’s safe to say that you’re never going to run out of places to visit in London. The above activities have some of the top-ranked reviews from tourists and immigrants like you. Hence, you can trust our word about needing to visit and experience London’s offers.

If you want to go to the said city faster, then you should, again, consider working with professionals when applying for a visa.


Photo by Humphrey Muleba from Pexels

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