Traveling with kids starter pack

What if you want to travel with a baby? With a one year old? Stay home? Looking at photos of friends vacationing at sea and just sighing? Of course not!

The most complete list of things to travel with a child, a list of medicines, what to take on a plane, baby hygiene and much more.


Let's hit the road! packing bags! And in order not to forget, not to confuse, or simply not to strain the brain with unnecessary thoughts on the topic: what to take to the sea with a small child and what not to forget, to help mothers, this article.

Let's start with hygiene

here you need to ask yourself - do you like shopping with a child, or would it be easier for you to take it from home in advance and not waste time looking for the right cream-gel in local markets?


1. Foam-shampoo for babies. The main thing is that it is very airy, does not irritate the delicate skin of the baby, and you can wash everything with it: from head to buttocks.

2. Toothbrush, baby toothpaste.

3. Make sure that the country you are traveling to has diapers from the brand that you are used to using. If not, take the packaging with you, it is easily passed through customs without being considered as excess weight or baggage. In order not to trudge, you can take a few pieces and buy them on the spot.

4. Antiseptic, wipes soaked in alcohol solution, for quick treatment of wounds, dirty hands, etc.

Clothing and footwear

The number of children's clothes to take with really depends on several points: the age of the child, his habits, the place where you are going, the duration of the trip, the availability of clothes to wash or buy. While some take two or three sets a day, others may only need a few things.


- pants or shorts (light and tight for an evening or a cool day),

- sundress, dresses and skirts,

- T-shirts, T-shirts, shirts (with short and long sleeves) - it is better to take with a margin in case the child sweats or gets dirty,

- jacket for a cool day or evening; warm jacket, windproof windbreaker (you can catch cold weather),

- clothes in case of rain: trousers and a waterproof jacket, an umbrella,

- pairs of light and warm socks,

- panama hat, cap (often lost, so it's better to take with a margin),

- panties (it is also better to take with a margin, especially if the baby is still uncertain about going to the potty),

- pajamas,

- baby swimming costume

- shoes: sandals, sneakers, beach shoes, rubber boots (try not to take new shoes, they can rub your feet),

- an elegant set of clothes, if you plan to attend some kind of festive event.

Toys and Gadgets

To the question - what to take a child to the sea - any parent will say: of course, toys! This is true, but there is no point in dragging the entire arsenal of combat devices of the son or daughter's dolls. But be sure to take a couple of your favorite toys (preferably soft ones) - it will be easier to fall asleep with them in a new place and on the road. An older child who knows how to handle electronic devices will need gadgets to watch their favorite cartoons or read books - by the way, they do not have to be taken in paper form, it is better to download them to your phone. So, in this section we add:


- favorite soft toy;

- album for stickers;

- coloring with pencils;

- player with headphones;

- smartphone or tablet.


What to take in hand luggage?


- Disposable wipes or handkerchiefs.

- A few diapers.

- A warm jacket, a light hat. As an idea, you can take a wide scarf - to cover the child - on airplanes it often blows from the air conditioner.

- A spare set of clothes in case the child sweats or gets dirty.

- Toys, notebooks, pencils, entertainment that you will need on the plane.

- A bottle of water.

- Snack: cookies, fruit, canned puree, etc.


The bottom line

Summer is impatiently awaited not only by adults who are tired from hard work for a long year, but also by children: after all, this is the time for holidays! Warm sun, white sand, gentle sea - perhaps this is what an ideal vacation looks like for most families of our compatriots. It is important to measure the joy of vacation with the solution of the problem - what to take on a trip to the sea with children? The question worries many mothers and fathers, especially those who are going to distant lands for the first time. It is necessary to approach the solution of this issue in a balanced and deliberate way: heavy suitcases are optional, but the necessary must be captured by all means. We hope that the article was helpful! Happy holiday! 

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