VIDEO: Chef Doug Psaltis of RPM Italian at Best Buy co-hosted by Momma Cuisine

Momma Cuisine was invited to co-host this event with Chef Doug Psaltis at Best Buy in Downer’s Grove, Illinois

It was an honor to be able to meet Chef Doug Psaltis at Best Buy for this event showcasing some of the great small appliances available in Best Buy’s across the country. Chef Doug Psaltis is a partner and the executive chef at RPM Italian, one of the hottest restaurants in Chicago at the moment, owned by E! News host and reality stars, Giuliana and Bill Rancic. Chef Doug created a delicious and healthy Soda Stream drink that parents can serve up to kids minus the guilt. Then, he demonstrated a delicious gluten-free ham and cheese panini paired with a dollop of sweet pepper relish.

I got lucky and was invited to help host the event with popular radio personality, Showbiz Shelly from B96 and was able to pop in, conduct a small interview and chat with him about his ideas of how to make some gourmet paninis. He recommended a simple grilled cheese with dried fruit as hors d’oeuvres for holiday events. What a simple and elegant idea!!! SOOOOO Momma Cuisine!

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