Winter Warmers: Keeping The Home Toasty This Winter

It’s that time of year again! The leaves are gone from the trees and the wind is already biting hard. In some places, snow is even falling. At this time of year, so many of us suffer the cold, even at home. But, the home should be a place of relaxation. And, so, it should be warm. This post will go through some of the best ways to keep the house warm this winter!

Insulation And Heating

It’s a little bit boring and DIY-ie, but insulation is one of the only surefire ways to make sure that your home is as warm as possible. Insulation traps air and creates a barrier that heat struggles to escape. You can think of it as a big blanket being wrapped around the home. Most homes have some attic or ceiling space, where insulation can be installed. In these cases, it’s just a matter of getting some fiberglass and rolling it out. When it comes to walls, though, it’s a bit different. When most houses are built, the walls are left hollow. This saves some money, but makes a house much colder! To fill these gaps, you need a professional. This work isn’t usually too expensive, and it will save you money on your heating bill.

Now, still a little boring, but equally as important. Too many people run their heaters on low to conserve energy. But, in reality, heating your home to a higher temperature doesn’t use much more energy. In fact, in some cases, it can even be cheaper. The money you spend here is an investment in your comfort.


Right! On to the good stuff. Nothing warms you up like a nice hearty meal, eh? And, of course, some of the best warming meals can be made with ease. Recipes like Winter Stew and Dutch Oven Chili are great to get the whole family warm during the bad weather. Cooking with Castor Oil not only warms up our bodies but also keep them healthy, but long stints at the oven will also help to warm up the home. It’s a great chance to get some practice in before the holidays.

Layer Up!

If you don’t want to spend your hard earned cash on heating, the only option is to layer up! Using a single blanket or big coat isn’t ideal, as it will probably just make you sweat and get colder. Instead, you need something that can trap in heat. And, the best way to do that, is with layers of clothing. Just like the insulation, layers of clothing trap pockets of warm air. This makes it much hard for heat to escape. Far too often do people forget about their hands and feet, in the pursuit of warmth. It’s very hard to be comfortable if these parts of your body are cold. So, it’s worth investing in some nice socks and gloves to keep warm around the home.

Hopefully, this will inspire you to get more comfortable and cosy this year. It’s not worth feeling uncomfortable at home. That can wait for work!

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