You can now clip your coupons on

I love grocery shopping. In fact, my #GroceryAdventures hashtag is something I use every time I go out on this chore (adventure), where I tweet and Instagram my grocery adventures for all to see. I share unique finds, exotic and odd items, the beauty of fresh produce, or anything that catches my eye. I learn just as much as everyone does on each grocery adventures trip while perusing through every isle of the market I’m visiting. And now, people on social media are starting to use it on their own, sharing their personal grocery adventures. It definitely makes this chore more fun, and seeing what other people find is as amusing as it is interesting!

As I often promote cooking at home and encouraging people to go on their own grocery adventures, it was only fitting that I integrate some savings to go along with it. I have partnered with to bring you, your family and friends some savings on your grocery adventures. Simply go to, plug in your zip code and clip your coupons before you go on your grocery adventure. The “Coupon Codes” tab gives you discounts and deals on things beyond the grocery store. There you will find savings and deals in toys, fashion, travel and more!

I am so excited to integrate this on the site and I hope that you use it and share it with your friends!