Crispy Tilapia Fillets w/ Steamed Asian Vegetables

I love cooking with Tilapia. It is a white fish that lends itself to whatever flavors you choose. It can be cooked medittereanean style in olive oil, capers and cherry tomatoes. It can also be done cajun style, blackened with creole seasonings or simply dusted with flour and fried crispy, like in this easy recipe. There are so many ways to cook this fish. Also, a great plus is that it is fairly inexpesive and a great must have for quick and easy meals.

For the steamed Asian vegetables, I simply used frozen, pre-mixed stir-fry veggies you can find in any grocery store. I always have frozen vegetables handy for days when I need to get meals done super-duper fast and I have no time to cut and chop and dice. What's great about frozen vegetables is that the veggies are flash frozen at the peak of it's freshness so the quality is quite good, even in generic brands. Also, you can steam the vegetables right in the bag and not have to use another pot. PLUS!!

Crispy Tilapia

6 Tilapia fillets
1 1/2 cups of flour
1 TBL of kosher salt
2 tsp of ground black pepper
1 TBL of dried oregano
4 TBL of vegetable oil

Steamed Vegetables

1 lb bag of frozen stir-fry vegetables
2 tsp of sesame oil
2 TBL of soy sauce

Heat a non-stick saute pan with the vegetable oil in high heat. In a large plate, mix together the flour, salt, pepper and oregano until all the ingredients have been fully mixed together. Take each fillet, pat dry, and lightly coat in the flour mixture. Place 2 fillets at a time in the saute pan and cook until golden brown. Do this until all the fillets are done.

Take a microvable bowl and place the bag of frozen vegetables in the bowl, poking 3-6 holes in the bag. Steam in the microwave for 5 minutes. Carefully take the bowl out and cut the top of the bag, slowly as the steam will escape. If you want, you can substitute the vegetables for rice or your favorite Asian side dish. If you don’t want to use a stove to cook the rice you can use the microwave to steam the rice or a rice cooker. You can find a rice cooker review to find the right one for your needs and budget. Place vegetables in a serving bowl and toss with sesame oil and soy sauce. Serve alongside the crispy Tilapia fillets.

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Aug 26, 2019 at 17:20:26
Thank you for a simple yet tasty recipe! I served rice along with the fish and vegetables. I didn't have sesame oil so I used canola oil and toasted sesame seeds. I didn't have soy sauce so I used Worcestershire. It turned out well. Serving this with rice I didn't have any sauce or dressing prepared but I just topped it with butter on my plate and that worked just fine! This recipe was here for me when I needed to figure out dinner last minute with few ingredients available. Thank you!!!