Four Amazing Potato Recipes You Should Try


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Potatoes are the ultimate vegetable. They can be made in various forms, everybody loves them, and they go with every imaginable food item. Whether it’s a delicious garlicky mash served as a side with a tenderloin steak or those magical peri-peri wedges from Nandos - potatoes are outright delicious.

What’s more, they are some of the easiest vegetables to cook. Due to their richness and flavor-fullness, very little is needed to create a delicious potato dish.

If you’re tired of having basic fries (as if), here are four amazing potato recipes you can try out!

1.       Baked Potato

Let’s start with something nice and easy, a classic baked potato. A baked potato has to be the easiest way to cook potato (you don’t even have to peel it!). It is a fantastic dish jam-packed with flavor with the right fillings.

There are many ways to make a baked potato, the most popular being oven-baked or air fried. However, there is another way that we prefer to make our baked potatoes, which is faster and requires less cleanup.

Here’s how you can make the best microwaved baked potato from in under 20 minutes!



Potatoes – 4 Large

1.       Wash and dry the potatoes. Use a fork to make 4-5 piercings in each.

Olive Oil – ¼ Cup

2.       Brush olive oil on each potato and season with salt and pepper.

Salt – 1 Tsp

3.       Place a paper towel on a plate and place the potatoes on top.

Pepper – 1 Tsp

4.       Place the plate in the microwave and bake for 15 minutes.

Sour Cream – ½ Cup

5.       Take out the potatoes and cut them across the top to create a well.

Butter – 2 Tbsp

6.       Add ½ Tbsp butter in each well and top with 2 Tbsp sour cream, 1 Tbsp bacon, and ½ Tbsp chives.

Chopped Bacon – ¼ Cup

Chives – 2 Tbsp

7.       Serve hot!


2.       Au Gratin Potatoes

Moving on to yet another simple potato recipe. This one, however, also works as a great side dish at dinners and formal gatherings. A classic dish of au gratin potatoes has minimal flavors, allowing the potato to stand out as the show's star.

You can also try the British version of this dish, Scalloped potatoes. However, the crispy topping of the au gratin gives it the edge over its English cousin.

Here’s how to make this classic French potato casserole, also known as Gratin Dauphinois!



Potatoes – 4 Medium

1.       Grease a casserole dish and preheat your oven to 400°F.

Onion – 1 Medium

2.       Wash, peel, and slice the potatoes thinly (1/4 inch).

Butter – 3 Tbsp

3.       Lay half the potatoes in the dish. Sprinkle ¼ Tsp salt and ¼ Tsp pepper.

All-purpose Flour – 3 Tbsp

4.       Cut the onions into rings and lay them on top of the potatoes.

Salt – 1 Tsp

5.       Lay the remaining potatoes along with ¼ Tsp salt and ¼ Tsp pepper.

Black Pepper – ½ Tsp

6.       Create a simple bechamel sauce using butter, flour, and milk.

Milk – 2 Cups

7.       Shred the cheese and add to the sauce. Mix well until melted.

Cheddar Cheese – 1 ½ Cup

8.       Pour the cheesy bechamel over the potatoes in the dish.

Bread Crumbs – ½ Cup

9.       Mix the breadcrumbs, remaining salt, and garlic powder.

Garlic Powder – 1 Tsp

10.    Serve hot, and enjoy!


3.       Batata Harra

We’re moving east and leaning into some authentic Arabic flavors for our next recipe. The batata harra is a famous Lebanese-origin potato dish that is enjoyed by the entire Arab region.

It is very similar to roast or mashed potatoes, with the only major difference being the spices and herbs used in batata harra. While batata harra can be fried or baked, we prefer going with the oven or air fryer to create that perfect soft interior and crispy exterior.

Here’s how to make this Arabic side dish at home!



Potatoes – 6 Medium

1.       Wash the potatoes and parboil for 5 minutes. Drain and dry.

Olive Oil – 3 Tbsp

2.       Peel and cut the potatoes into small, bite-sized cubes.

Salt and Pepper  – 1 Tsp

3.       Heat the olive oil in a skillet and add garlic and red pepper flakes.

Minced Garlic  – 3 Cloves

4.       Add coriander, turmeric, and lime juice. Cook for 1-2 minutes.

Red Pepper Flakes – 2 Tsp

5.       Toss the potatoes in the skillet until fully covered with the spices and oil.

Turmeric  – ½ Tsp

6.       Finely chop the herbs. Add in ½ cup each of the cilantro, parsley, and dill.

Coriander Powder – 1 Tsp

7.       Season with salt and pepper and toss the potatoes well.

Lime Juice – 2 Tbsp

8.       Add the potatoes to the oven/air fryer and bake at 350°F for 15 minutes.