How To Make Watermelon Margarita at Home

There is no better and cool way to begin the summer season with the delicious and refreshing watermelon margarita. The drink is super easy to make, and no cocktail shaker is needed. The energetic color of the drink is also awesome, and it’s naturally sweet.

Furthermore, the presence of healthy lime juice gives it a unique tart finish. Below you will find the easiest and the best way to make watermelon margarita. Cheers, and happy summer!

Watermelon Margarita Recipe

Below please find the simple, three ingredients margarita recipe that contains sweet summer watermelons!

Because you all love watermelon, right?

The drink is naturally sweet, and you will not need any additional sweeteners (unless you want to make it more sweeter). The best part is, the drink only takes about 10 minutes for preparation. And we will advise you to use a blender and citrus juicer if you’ve one. These are optional requirements, and the results of these will be much better.

Ingredients of watermelon margarita

• Sweet Watermelons

• Freshly lime juice squeezed

• Tequila

• Blender

How to Make A Watermelon Margarita

1. Make a fresh and cool watermelon juice

A blender will be needed for this step of the recipe process. Luckily, you can blend a watermelon (not the frozen one) in a normal blender. You don’t need any fancy kitchen gadgets  or most innovative machines to blend a watermelon.

After grabbing a blender, fill it with ripe, cubed watermelons and properly blend the melons until they are juiced. At this moment, you can strain the blended watermelon through a mesh strainer so that no solids or seeds are present in the blended watermelons.

However, this particular step is not compulsory but better for the taste of the drink.

Please note – for a single cocktail, 2 ounces of watermelon juice or four tablespoons of watermelon juice is enough unless you want to make the drink in a large batch or for a group of friends.

2. Mix the sugar and chili salt

Now, you can add the chili powder, salt, and sugar in the drink. Take all these ingredients in a small plate and mix them together. Moreover, don’t salt the rim of a glass or add too much chili to the mixture. Though, many people like that as it looks beautiful.

3. Prepare your glass

If you are like me and planning to salt the rim of your glass or drink. It would be better if you run a lime wedge around your glass. Or you can overturn your glass and dip the top into the sugar, chili mixture. Now, take some ice cubes and fill each glass with it and set aside.

4. Make your margarita

To prepare your margarita, first add the juice of watermelon, lime juice, tequila, and a bit of ice into a cocktail shaker. Shake forcefully so that all these mix and combine. After that, taste and adjust as per your preferences.

Note: Not all watermelons taste the same, and everyone has his or her personal likings when it is about the sweetness of the cocktail. So, no fixed formula for sweetness.

5. Serve the drink

Strain into your drink and garnish the glass with elegantly chopped melons or lime wedge, if you like.

Serve your refreshing Watermelon margarita in a glass with a salt rim.

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How to Make Frozen Watermelon Margaritas

Yes, preparing frozen watermelon margaritas is also simple and just a matter of minutes.

To prepare frozen watermelon margaritas, chop the watermelons four hours before preparing the drink. Fortunately, if you got frozen watermelon, there’s nothing much to do, just blend the melons and serve the drink.

That being said, below please find some handy tips to make a large batch of frozen watermelon margaritas

For four cups of frozen watermelons, 1/3 cup cool lime juice squeezed, and 3/4 cup of tequila is enough, but it also depends on your taste so you can adjust accordingly.

Frozen Watermelon looks like ice. This is excellent for preparing slushies’ but don’t try to blend frozen watermelons on cheap and poor quality blenders. For this purpose, a high-speed blender is much more suitable, and you can also use a tamper if you have one.

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Some helpful tips to make the drink more refreshing

• You can spice it up with jalapeño slices. This will be useful for your health in the hot summer months. Just add some jalapeño slices into your drink or cocktail shaker to make this pretty summer drink.

• Though margarita is usually served in special margarita glasses, but you can also serve them in other glasses, such as rock glasses. In our opinion, it will look much better in rock glasses.

• The drink does not contain too many ingredients, and with such a narrow list of ingredients, the quality of ingredients is essential. So, please choose all the ingredients wisely and ensure that they are fresh.

• Speaking of fresh ingredients, you must have fresh lime juice. A juice that is just squeezed out of lemons or drink will taste a bit sour.

• If you are using a cocktail shaker, shake everything properly in a mason jar with a lid. According to the experts, it will bring out the best from your margarita.

• You can also swap the tequila for a smoky surprise.

Some Common FAQs

How to choose sweet and right watermelons?

For the very best and desired results, always make your own watermelon juice, the most recommended option. Obviously, this means that you must pick the sweetest watermelon, which can be a bit challenging. Here are some tips to buy the sweetest watermelon for your drink:

Always pick the watermelon that feels heavy regardless of its size.

Try to find the yellow spot on the ground where the watermelon was placed. You might found a yellowish color and creamy color on the one side of the watermelon.

Try to look for the sugar spots and pollination points. According to the pros, this is the main indication of ripe watermelon. If you don’t know about the sugar spots, let me explain:

Sugar spots are the spots that you will find on a watermelon where sugar has seeped. Usually, these spots are not that big and might have been solidified. But if the watermelon is emitting sticky substance, it’s full of natural sugars!

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Pollination points are also found in the same place where you will find the sugar spots. These are brownish rough patches or dots in rows. These not so good looking dots and patches are actually good! So look out for those as well.

Last and perhaps the most common one indication is to tap your watermelon. If it sounds hollow? It is good.

Can we use bottled lime juice?

The bottled lime juice will also work, but I recommend fresh limes as they are always better. If you plan to make large batches of watermelon margaritas, we will highly recommend a citrus juicer as they can extract the juice in no time and without much effort.

What tequila is the best for watermelon margarita?

In your local grocery store, you will find many varieties of tequila, in various colors, from transparent to dark and a wide range of flavors.

Usually, you will find the two main categories of tequila mixtos and 100% agave. When buying tequila for watermelon margarita, go for the 100% Blue Agave Tequila as it offers the best taste and comes at an affordable price. Or you can also use silver tequila, aka Blanco tequila.

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How to Serve this Watermelon Margarita Recipe

The Watermelon Margarita might look similar to Mexican or Tex-Mex cuisine, but these are margaritas are very much cool and refreshing than the Tex-Mex cuisine, and you will find it so delicious with almost everything.

So, if you are thinking what our options to pair with these refreshing watermelon margaritas are? Keep scrolling down!

Favorites of many users during hot summer evenings are chips, pico-de-gallo, and a bowl of the best guacamole. You can also have them on a beach or on your couch while relaxing with a bowl of chips or fried potatoes.

And if you are looking for something a bit more and exclusive, like on a happy family dinner, I will recommend you to have a drink with beef tacos with a side of refried beans and mango salsa.

Watermelon margarita is a favorite drink of all the kids out there (without tequila, obviously!)

This is a kind of drink that goes with just anything, and some other pairings with this drink include chicken enchiladas, chicken mole, albondigas soup, and lime shrimp.

So, to conclude the matter, if you try this easy and straightforward Watermelon Margarita Recipe, please leave us a comment and let us know how you are having it! Your thoughts are always welcome.

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