Innovative Pancake Ideas to Go Bananas For

Unique pancake recipes worth salivating over. Creative ways to spruce up your breakfast with delicious pancakes. Flavor-packed pancake ideas to start the day.

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Waking up to the sweet aroma of pancakes is one of the best feelings in the world. Pancakes are simple to make, and having them in the morning is a great way to start the day. Besides being nutritious and energy-packed, it is a delicious breakfast option.

Believe it or not, there are numerous ways to make pancakes. You can try out the classic pancakes with butter and maple syrup. There are also amazing healthier versions, such as vegan pancakes.

Here are some creative ideas for making mouth-watering pancakes. You can use these tips to flaunt your culinary skills and amaze your family.

Funfetti Pancakes

Funfetti pancakes are a great part of birthday breakfasts for your children. Treat your birthday kid with these easy-to-make pancakes. The ingredients are simple and, most likely, are already in your pantry.

All you need to do is add thin sprinkles to your regular pancake recipe. Avoid using round and hard sprinkles, as their colors easily bleed throughout the pancake. The bleeding dye will make your cakes look messy and might repulse your child. Alternatively, you can simply add funfetti box cake mix to your pancake batter and make your kid’s day.

Children are fussy eaters undoubtedly. You can also visit The Picky Eater for various delicious recipes that cater to every specification, like dietary restrictions.

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Dutch Baby

Do not be alarmed by the name of this pancake. It is a classic German treat usually made on a skillet. They are incredibly easy to make and perfectly satisfy your sweet cravings .

The recipe calls for blending all the ingredients and then pouring it all over a hot skillet sizzling with butter. Then, bake the batter in the oven. Before serving, you can garnish it with berries or fruit preserves to elevate the flavors.

Cocoatmeal Pancakes

Besides being delectable, cocoatmeal pancakes are packed with nutrients, such as fiber. As the name suggests, the key ingredients for this indulgent treat are cocoa powder and oatmeal. The oatmeal adds texture and makes the food more filling.

Fluffy Japanese Pancakes
Also known as Japanese souffle cakes, they are decadent sweet treats that are tremendously wholesome. They melt in your mouth readily and conquer your hunger. They are also perfect for special occasions like anniversaries.

The tall height of the cake is achieved by using rings. The fluffiness is obtained by whipping the egg whites and yolks separately. It may seem daunting at first, but as soon as you get the hang of it, you will be able to cook them up in no time.

Vegan Banana Pancakes

If you are allergic to eggs, seeking healthier options, give vegan banana pancakes a try. These impeccable healthy treats cater to your guilty pleasures and do not cause any significant detrimental effects.

Instead of regular milk, use plant-based milk like soy or oat milk, and use vegetable oil in the place of butter.

Cinnamon Roll Pancakes

If you are having trouble deciding whether to have cinnamon rolls or pancakes, you can experiment with this hybrid. It is a combination of two beloved breakfast foods, and it has vanilla-flavored cream cheese that makes it super indulgent.

You can either slather the top of your pancake stack with the cheese or sandwich the cakes with it. Either way, it will make your sweet tooth happy.


Savory Potato Pancakes

Tired of having the same old sweet pancakes? This savory alternative would be a great choice and a quintessential brunch option. The potato pancakes are inconceivably scrumptious and easy to make.

Throw in your last night’s mashed potatoes and add the basic pancake components except for sugar. Add minced chives to your batter to enhance the taste. Pair this appetizing treat with eggs and crispy bacon, and you have the perfect meal.

Orange Chocolate Pancake

This is more of a “go big or go home” type of pancake and is so heavy, it will leave no room in your tummy. The exquisite flavors of the tangy orange and decadent chocolate create a party in the mouth.

The slight acidity of the fruit cuts through the sweetness and bitterness of the chocolate, making all the flavors well balanced.

Buttermilk Blueberry Pancakes
Put the blueberries to good use and make them the star of your pancakes. The buttermilk in the batter makes the pancakes soft and mouth-watering.

The high antioxidants of the blueberries also add significant nutritional value to your breakfast. Generously drizzle the pancake with blueberry syrup to add that extra zing.

Cinnamon Apple Pancakes
If you are craving apple pie but do not have the energy to bake one, this is a great alternative. Simply add sliced apples mixed with lemon juice and cinnamon to your cake mixture. You can also add a hint of nutmeg to take the flavors to the next level.

Spicy Kimchi Pancake

This classic Korean snack is also known as kimchi jeon. If you love spicy food, this is your ideal meal. They are immensely easy to make and use simple ingredients.

You can either make the kimchi at home or use store-bought kimchi. If you cannot use gochujang sauce, you can use sriracha or Tabasco sauce as an alternative. You can opt-out on eggs and meat to make the meal vegan-friendly.

Banana Split Pancake
This innovative take on a pancake is exceptionally flavorsome. It tastes even more amazing with chocolate milk, hitting all the right spots. It is like getting a taste of love.

Add fresh strawberries and fresh whipped cream as toppings, and tantalize your taste buds.

Sheet Pan Chocolate Chip Pancakes

This is the ideal breakfast for a large number of guests in your home, especially if you hosted a sleepover for one of your children. The munchkins will surely rave about your cooking talent and will keep wanting to come to your home.

Just make a large amount of basic pancake batter, pour it all over a baking pan, and stud the mixture with semi-sweet chocolate chips. Cut the large sheet cake into squares and serve it to your young house guests.

Red Velvet Pancakes

This is a great substitution for red velvet cakes and involves less laborious procedures. These tender red treats are aesthetically pleasing and perfect for holidays. The velvety cream cheese concoction complements the soft chocolate pancakes quite well. The treat is eminently luxurious. They taste so good, they make you forget about your diet concerns.


Grandma’s Gingerbread Pancakes

Take a twist on the classic gingerbread cookies and make them the ultimate festive decadence. The ambrosial taste of the ginger and molasses brings back many fond memories of your childhood.


Frappuccino Pancakes
Create a stunning breakfast and wake up your taste buds by infusing coffee into your pancake mixture. The incredible combination of buttermilk, caramel, and coffee satisfies all of your breakfast cravings. The subtle hit of the caffeine gives a kickstart to a perfect day.

Pumpkin Spice Pancakes
Relish your Halloween spirits with the wonderful blend of spices and pumpkin. It is also the ideal breakfast for the fall and winter seasons. Garnishing this treat with roasted pecans makes the whole meal delicious. You can also add bittersweet chocolate chips and berries to give it an extra oomph.

Cream Cheese Pancakes
This pancake does not require any flour and is ideal for people with Celiac disease as it does not have any gluten. This scrumptious dish only has four simple ingredients. The recipe involves mixing softened cream cheese with syrup, vanilla extract, and eggs. Sprinkle powdered sugar all over the cakes generously and top them with raspberries if you want them to be extra sweet.

Hearty Oatmeal Pancakes

Ditch the flour and use oats or oat flour. This meal is especially for individuals seeking gluten-free options. This hearty and nutritious meal is seriously tasty. Moreover, the oats in it are very beneficial for the gut and digestion. This healthy treat can be cooked in a matter of fifteen minutes.

Bacon Pancakes

Shout out to all the Adventure Time fans! This classic treat meets both your salty and sweet cravings. Everybody loves bacon. The nuttiness and crispiness of the meat give the food more depth.

The sweetness from the maple syrup complements the savory component well. Whip up this dish while humming your favorite song this weekend, giving your day a fun start.

Chocolate Chip and Mint Pancakes

Invigorate your palate with some refreshing mint in your pancakes. Ice cream for breakfast can be frowned upon, so this is a more fulfilling take on the classic ice cream flavor. You can also add green dye to resemble the cold dessert. Add a mint leaf on the top for a quirky presentation.

Top of the Morning

Whether it is the classic buttermilk pancakes or the unconventional savory potato pancakes, everyone needs a hearty meal to kick off the day. These versatile ways of making pancakes can brighten up anyone’s day.

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