Filipino Food Pop Up Dinner

Filipino Food Pop Up Dinner

On this episode of #InTheKitch, I spent some time at Salero Chicago for a pop-up dinner event collaboration with Chef Chrissy Camba of Maddy's Dumpling House and Filipino Kitchen. 

Filipino food is becoming more and more of a culinary force in the United States as many chefs and restaurateurs are coming out to share the beauty of this dynamic  fusion cuisine known as Filipino food. Chefs of this generation often come from immigrant parents or even themselves, just like me who was born in the Philippines and migrated to San Francisco, California when I was only 9 years old. 

These chefs and foodies are now out in the U.S. culinary scene and paving a magnificent way to share our cuisine to the masses and teach people through menu creations, festivals, social media, food trucks and more, and make others fall in love with the flavors of the Philippines - our homeland. 

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