#MCShowLIVE premiering on October 9, 2012 at 11:00 a.m. CDT on from Veronica Porter on Vimeo.

This year has brought a lot of challenges for me personally and professionally. But, it has also opened up for me creatively, as I have begun projects that I have always dreamed about doing, and working my hardest to turn them into reality.

One of them is the Momma Cuisine Show. The #MCShow started as a very simple cooking channel on YouTube with me showcasing my “Great Everyday Meals” recipes. Since actively posting weekly episodes since January 2012, it has earned over 14,000 views and about 150 subscriptions. The pre-taped cooking episodes are also syndicated which my channel has an extra 17,000 views.

As I traveled with Buick this summer for the Buick & Momma Cuisine French Market Tour, I put the #MCShow on hold and began conceptualizing a live cooking and talk show…#MCShowLIVE, that would be streamed live on my website starting on October 9, 2012, every first Tuesday of the month at 11:00 a.m. CDT.

What’s truly unique about a live webcast is the ability to integrate social media and turning it into a live Twitter chat as well. It will help me, my guests and brand sponsors connect with the audience on a much deeper (and fun) level!

The #MCShowLIVE is a live cooking and talk show with special guests, lifestyle & home and garden segments, giveaways and even a small live audience at our studio at the Casa By Charleston kitchen showroom in Downtown Naperville, a suburb west of Downtown Chicago.

I want to connect with women, moms,  men and fathers, just like myself who are looking for and sharing their best tips on how to create “Great Everyday Meals”! I also want to team up with brands and companies who can help us achieve that goal.

I am very excited for the #MCShowLIVE to premier on October 9th. I hope that you tune in and join me as we together, go on a quest to make “Great Everyday Meals”!!

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