{Momma Cuisine} Episode 10: Simple Brunch Recipes

As spring is on the horizon, people are dusting off their party shoes and eager to host friends and family again.

Brunch is a great way to entertain guests during the Spring season. It’s a very casual affair, yet can have an elegant tone if one wishes. My recipes in this episode of Momma Cuisine Show showcases just some of my simple recipes to help you host a stress-free, delicious and elegant lunch for friends and family.

First, I made Simple Granola recipe using coconut and dried apricots. This recipe is something that I’m sure you’ll be making over and over. Make individual yogurt parfaits for guests or simply leave the yogurt and fruits out, and each guest can build his/her own.

Second is the Chili-Rubbed Bacon that was inspired by my days managing ZED451 in Downtown Chicago. My “great everyday meal” version using nothing but chili powder and brown sugar, dusting it over thick applewood bacon and baking it for about 15 minutes. This recipe will sure turn heads at your brunch party!

Third I made a Garden Veggie Omelet, that you can say is more resembling a frittata. Growing up, my grandma always called it “omelet”, so to me it is. Call it what you will, but one thing everyone will agree on is that it is simply tasty!

Lastly, I will show you how to put together a Bellini & Fizz Bar for the adults and kids. By pureeing fresh fruit with a little simple syrup at putting it in the bottom of wine or champagne flutes, and then pouring some sparkling white wine over, completes your elegant brunch affair. For the kids, replace the sparkling wine with club soda and skewer some grapes and freeze and use them as a garnish will sure get the kids excited.

I hope you enjoy this episode of the Momma Cuisine Show!

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