{Momma Cuisine Show} Episode 13: Vegetable Latkes

A traditional Kosher food, Latkes are made with matzo meal instead of flour or breadcrumbs like we see in other potato or vegetable pancake recipes.

Matzo or matzah, is basically unleavened bread. They story is that during the Jew’s exodus from Egypt, they left so quickly that they didn’t have enough time to let their bread rise. So, they were left with a cracker like bread that we know as Matzo.

One of many Passover traditions is to remember the exodus by eating only unleavened bread for eight days. Matzo is the bread of choice during Passover.

Whether or not you celebrate Passover, this Vegetable Latke recipe is something I guarantee you and your family will crave for years to come. Using matzo meal, a couple eggs and grated vegetables and then frying them crispy is not only amazingly delicious, it’s also super affordable!

You can easily eat this as a meal on it’s own, or make smaller bite-sized pieces as an hors devours and top with a little sour cream and lox. (YUMMMMY!)

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