{Momma Cuisine Show} Episode 14: Chicken in Fresh Tomato Sauce & Onion Sauce

Chicken – what more can I say? It is a staple ingredient and go-to protein for millions of homes.  To think of yet another chicken recipe can be mind boggling as it is such a versatile protein and lends itself to many flavors and seasonings.

This recipe is a go-to weekday staple recipe in my house. Using nothing more than a splash of chicken stock, Italian seasoning, bell peppers, onions, tomatoes and of course, chicken; it is also a dish that is budget-friendly.

My original recipe calls for chicken breasts, but in this episode I used chicken thighs. You will see that this recipe is also versatile and can be made with whatever part you choose. Even chicken drumsticks or drumettes would work in this recipe. In addition, feel free to add more or less vegetables. Have a potato you need to get rid of? Put it in!

It is always said that they best tasting dishes are made simply. This Chicken in Fresh Tomato and Onion Sauce is definitely one of them. I hope you give it a whirl.

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