{Momma Cuisine Show} Episode 8: Lemon Parsley Roasted Chicken

Roasting a chicken at home can seem very daunting and scary. However, knowing how to make a homemade roast chicken is one of things everyone must know how to do!

I admit that when I’m in a pinch, I often run to the local organic store and pick up a roast chicken for dinner. But making it home always yields a better chicken because I can customize the flavors to my liking. Also, when I have guests over, it’s always much appreciated and the house smells so good!

This recipe for Lemon Parsley Roasted Chicken is something you must try at home. It’s great for your Sunday dinner with family, and perfect for when cooking for dinner guests. Paired with the Roasted Fennel Salad featured in the show, it’s a meal your family and friends will be asking you to make time and time again!

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