{video} Angel Hair w Roasted Chicken & Bacon #GreatEverydayMeals

Angel Hair w/ Roasted Chicken & Bacon Recipe by Momma Cuisine

Rotisserie chicken is so readily available these days, and a go-to for many busy families when wanting a home cooked tasting meal in a flash. Sometimes though, bringing home another store-bought rotisserie chicken can be boring and make for an uneventful meal.

My recipe for Angel Hair w/ Roasted Chicken & Bacon is one that uses pantry staples with a store bough rotisserie chicken and turns out a fabulous and delicious meal, good enough for entertaining guests!

Crispy bacon, tender chicken, ripe cherry tomatoes, chopped fresh parsley and a handful of Parmesan cheese is all you need to make this colorful and delicious meal. Also, you can switch ingredients with what’s readily available in your home. Try this recipe with sweet peas or edemame, heirloom tomatoes, or even roasted vegetables – all you need is some leftover roasted chicken and some crispy bacon to make it a complete meal!

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