Always in Season - 7 Tips For Keeping Your Garden Healthy Throughout the Year

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The rigors of summer and winter can have a profoundly negative effect on the life of your garden, and many people suffer these ill effects year in and year out without any hope of achieving any long-term garden health. This tragedy is brought on by a distinct lack of knowledge...

Everything You Need to Know Before Buying an Innerspring Mattress

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Innerspring mattresses have been available since the early 1900’s. And while it is considered the traditional type, it continues to have its magic just like when it was first introduced. This may be related to the fact that manufacturers have continuously and tirelessly brought innovations and changes that allowed this...

The Summer Shield - A Guide to Selecting the Right Blinds for your Home

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Image: The hot Australian sun can be very overbearing at times. You just want to go to a place that can shut the heat and bright light out for a while. Although your home is the perfect place for this, your window coverings, both indoor and outdoor, are lacking....

Selling Your Property? Style It Like a Show Home

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Image source (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); If you’ve ever had a tour of a new housing development, you’ll know that the contractor’s show home is always absolutely perfect in every way - I mean it’s immaculate. That is, of course, no coincidence; they have staged the place so that...

Moving Into a New Property? Make This Your Best Move Ever

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If you are ready to move into a new home and start fresh, you need to make sure that you are not going to regret your decision. Before you would sign any paperwork and exchange the keys, you will need to cover your bases, and find out as much as...

10 Smart Mattress Shopping Tips

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Shopping for a mattress can put anyone in trouble these days because there are many options on the market: different brands, various sizes, and fabrics, discounts and promotions. The good thing is that we can do extensive research before purchasing, thanks to the online reviews which point out the pros...

10 Ways To Use Pumpkin For Thanksgiving by Kenmore

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Sponsored by Kenmore Pumpkins. Lattes. Soups. Halloween. Pies. Patches. Fall.  Here are 10 Way To Use Pumpkins For Thanksgiving. What do you think of these ideas?  (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

Work Now, Play Later: Prepping Your Garden For Spring Fun

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We might soon be heading into the depths of winter, but don’t forget: it’s always a good idea to have one eye on what’s six months ahead. If you don’t, by the time it comes around you’ll have nothing to hold on to. One area of the home that especially...

5 Easy Chores to Teach your Kids

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When it comes to parenting, doing chores with kids is probably the biggest life lesson your children will learn at a young age. Not only this will help them to learn some important household work but also it will create a sense of responsibility. In addition to this, chores also...

Make Your Garden A Relaxing Haven

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It can be hard to find anywhere to relax in the home when you have a family. After all, every room can be a hub of noise and action. Therefore, there is nowhere to get some space and peace for an hour or two. But your garden could be a...

Upgrading Property Value Through Remodeling Solutions

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Home Decor In real estate, the business of “staging” refers to setting a house up as it may potentially be after a sale so that potential buyers see themselves there.  Sometimes people will stage a home and leave the furnishings and accessories used in staging with the house post-purchase. Think...

Useful Tips On How To Clean The Kitchen After Cooking

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Whether you’re looking at washing mountains of dishes or deglazing pans, the work needed to clean up after a lengthy day in the kitchen can be even more exhausting than the cooking itself. While working your way through the kitchen and cleaning everything isn’t something you’re a stranger too, there...

It's About To Get Hot In Here. How To Buy An Air Conditioner by Kenmore

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the no-sweat room air conditioner buying guide by Kenmore  This post is an advertisement for Kenmore. Believe it or not, summer is just around the corner. And in the sticky heat and humidity of the coming months, you’ll be looking for as many ways as you can find to stay...

Storm-Proof Your Garden

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Image Source A bad storm can wreak havoc on your garden. If you believe bad weather may be on its way, here are a few ways that you can protect your garden against damage. Store loose items away Kids’ toys, deck chairs, tables, garden tools and ornaments can all get...

Giveaway: Red Copper Cookware Set from BulbHeadIdeas

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Momma Cuisine and, The home of bright ideas teamed up for a giveaway for two sets of their Red Copper Pans.  The winners will receive both a Red Copper Square Dance Pan and Red Copper Pan from (value $40 + shipping/handling). Enter below! Red Copper Cookware Giveaway

The Urban Gardener: How to Use Tech to Raise Healthy Food in the City

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The gardening programs make everything look so easy. They have huge open spaces to grow row upon row of healthy looking vegetables. But in the real world, it is never so straightforward. For one thing, a lot of us live in an urban environment where the soil, the air, and...

How Safe Is Your Garden? Tips to Make It Safer

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It's wonderful to be able to spend time in your yard or garden. However, when you're outside, there can often be hazards that might cause injury if you're not careful. Just as you would make sure that the inside of your home is safe for your family, you should do...

Crafting A Child's Bedroom To Be Beautiful, Memorable & Envied

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Flickr (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Designing a child’s bedroom is the perfect place to exercise your creative talents. Not only is this the exact location where you’re going to get away with our flights into decors fantasy without even raising an eyebrow, but it’s a great way to encourage...

So, I Visited Monsanto

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A group of influencers in media and nutrition were invited by Illinois Farm Families to visit Monsanto facilities in the midwest. I wanted to attend the day trip to learn and see for myself about what Monsanto is up to. I know what I know from what I have read...

Explore An Unknown World In Your Own Backyard

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You might be thinking about heading somewhere tropical and exotic on vacation this summer, but I have a better idea. Rather than heading somewhere on holiday, why not explore somewhere a lot closer to home. I’m talking about your back garden. You know, the place on your property that you...