DIY Slow Cooker Soy Wax Scented Candles

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Sponsored by Kenmore (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); The slow cooker is onehellavun appliance! It makes delicious meals while you're at work, it can even make desserts! But what about candles??  I'm not the craftiest moms, and I have no patience to sit and cut things out, glue things together,...

5 Ideas for the Upcoming Father's Day

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Fathers are considered to be the backbone of a family. He works hard to fulfill all the needs of his family. The sad part is that unlike mother’s day, father’s day isn’t celebrated with the same enthusiasm. In fact, most of us usually fail to remember father’s day. If you...

To Dye For: 3 Ways To Make Patterned Easter Eggs with Kenmore

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3 Easy Ways to Make Patterned Easter Eggs 1. Floral Print: Use cheesecloth to wrap small leaves and other foliage around the egg before dipping it in a dye bath. Unwrap the egg after coloring and you’ll find fun floral prints. 2. Sticker Print: Place stickers on the egg before...

See Food: Advice for the Perfect Seafood Dinner Party

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Seafood is an excellent choice if you're planning a fancy dinner party. Creating a fantastic feast based around seafood can wow your guests and leave them impressed by what you can do. There are so many different types of seafood to explore and many ways to cook it too. Whether...

Momma Cuisine December Gift Giveaway with Radio Flyer, Panera Bread and Mary Jurek Designs

I love gifts! In the spirit of giving this Christmas, Momma Cuisine has teamed up with some of the my favorite brands. I am giving away three $100 Panera Bread gift cards, a classic Radio Flyer Wagon and a beautiful Paloma Salad utensil set from Mary Jurek Design.  (adsbygoogle =...

Last Chance To Enter Your Idaho Potato Recipe To Win $1500 Cash

You only have a couple days left to enter your Idaho Potato recipe in KENMORE'S IDAHO POTATO COOK-OFF for a chance to win $1,500 CASH and Kenmore small appliances! What are you waiting for??  See details on  (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

Ridiculously Over-Priced Holiday Food That Cost You Pennies To Make At Home

High-end retailers may know something we don't know about the economy.  Neiman Marcus trended online lately with their frozen Collard Greens side dish for 8-10 people that cost $81.50. EIGHTY ONE DOLLARS AND FIFTY CENTS!! I didn't even know that you can order frozen food from Neiman Marcus. And guess...

Enter Kenmore's Fully Loaded Idaho Potato Cook-Off To Win $1500 and Appliances

From November 1 -30, 2016 Momma Cuisine is hosting Kenmore®’s Fully Loaded Idaho® Potato Cook-Off.  Enter your best Idaho Potato recipe on, Kenmore's recipe site,  get the most hearts on your recipe to qualify to win $1,500 cash from Idaho Potatoes and a suite of Kenmore small appliances. We also...

Win a $50 Gift Card from Idaho Potatoes on the Holiday Ready Chat with Momma Cuisine and Kenmore

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On Thursday, November 3, 2016 at 7:00 P.M. CDT, Kenmore, Idaho Potatoes and Momma Cuisine are hosting the #HolidayReady Twitter chat.  We are sharing with your all about Kenmore's Fully Loaded Idaho Potato Cook-Off recipe contest, where you can enter your best Idaho Potato recipe on and be entered...

Get Ready to Sleigh All Season Long with Great Everyday Meals Magazine

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Letter from the Editor (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Get ready to #sleigh all season long! Greetings readers! Welcome to the latest issue of Great Everyday Meals Magazine. Can you believe these are the last few months of 2016? Believe it. Summer came and went in the blink of eye...

Summer Feasting Recipes with Great Everyday Meals Magazine

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Summer Feasting Recipes with Great Everyday Meals MagazineSummertime is your chance to thrill your friends and family with your grills skills! Prepare a summer feast they won't soon forget with incredible recipes straight from Momma Cuisine's kitchen. Let's fire it up!

This Mother's Day, Have Fun with Mom

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This Mother's Day, Have Fun with MomMoms have the most thankless jobs. The things we do for our loved ones get taken for granted because they are tasks that happen every day.In a way, when the family and home is running as it should and it's everyday life for the...

{home&garden} Tips on Finding a Fresh Christmas Tree

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After the Thanksgiving celebrations, there seems to be a sense-of-urgency for the Christmas events to come, starting with Black Friday. People are buzzing about packing in malls and shops to get the biggest deals. Cars are zipping through town with trees atop, tightly roped for safe travels to it’s new...

{entertaining} Planning Your Holiday Party

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Christmas is only a couple of weeks away, and many are in the process of planning to host Christmas parties in their homes for friends, co-workers and family. Some even have multiple events to cater to their different circles!With hosting any event in your home comes the pressure to create...

{holiday} My Christmas Lesson

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As I write this, I am literally wiping the tears off my eyes.This evening, I sat on the living room floor with my husband, fussing over wrapping presents for the family for Christmas. We sent the kids away to my parents where we will be meeting tomorrow so that we...

Last Minute Valentine's Day Hacks

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Valentine’s Day is approaching and you may have just realized that it crept up on you and you are totally unprepared! Check out these Valentine’s Day hacks that will save you from sleeping on the couch this weekend. You’re welcome.Cookie cutter by WiltonHeart-Shaped Cookie Cutter: Buy heart-shaped cookie cutters in a...

Read the Summer Issue of Great Everyday Meals Magazine

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Read the Summer Issue of Great Everyday Meals MagazineEditor’s NoteSimplicity of SummerWith the kids out of school, take the time to enjoy the simple joys of summer, bond with the family and remember that you can create life-long memories without spending a lot of money.I am the first to admit, that...

Twitter Party: #GEMFoodMag celebrating 100 years of Kenmore on Thurs 9/19 at 8pm EST #Kenmore100

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Great Everyday Meals Magazine is hosting #GEMFoodMag sponsored by KenmoreGreat Everyday Meals Magazine curated by Momma Cuisine, is launching it’s first issue on December 21, 2013, bringing Recipes, Food and Family Travels in a digital magazine experience featuring celebrity chef, Fabio Viviani! Great Everyday Meals Magazine is about celebrating simple ingredients &...

Enter A Healthy Recipe For A Chance To Win a @kenmore Double Oven

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new year. new you.Recipes with resolve.. for a healthier lifestyleIt’s that time of year again, and we need your help to execute the “eat better” New Year’s resolution. Share your most delicious healthy recipes so that we all have some great ideas with which to start our new healthy lifestyle....

{lifestyle} Planning for Your Event

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Planning a gathering in your home can seem like a daunting task. Having to clean the house, straighten up backyard, and especially preparing all the food, can almost make you feel like backing out of your special event.However, having your best friends and family around to enjoy each others company...